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Date: May 29th 1916

May 29. 1916

Dearest Arfa:

I shall probably see you about as soon as you get this letter but I just felt I had to have a chat with my dear old pal and tell him how glad I am I will soon be with him. It has seemed such a long time dear heart since you left though everyone has been so good to me and tried to give me a pleasant time.

The boat is two days late in sailing but I am very comfortable here. This hotel was highly recommended by the C.P.R. and I had a letter of introduction to the manager. Apparently they make a specialty of looking after people going from train to ship.

I have investigated Fifth Ave. pretty thoroughly as it is quite near at hand. I do not venture too far into the unknown though the hotel people have promised to bring me 'home' from anywhere in the city if I telephone that I am lost.

I am to meet my travelling companions at the boat. I expect they are all somewhere in the city but I don't know where.

It seem strange not to see anyone in khaki here - almost as strange as it is in Canada to see them everywhere.

It is pretty hot in the city so I go down to the water as often as I can where there is a most delicious breeze. The trees are all so beautiful now with their new green and it is so lovely to see it for everything was still dead and yellow in Manitoba.

In a very little while now I shall be sailing away to my dear heart and it makes me so happy. You're glad too aren't you dearest Arfa! Yours lovingly,

Alice Leighton

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