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Date: December 5th 1918
James Hutch

[?] Belgium
Dec 5/18

Dear Bill,

I received your letter of Nov. 10/18 a few days ago and surely was glad to hear from you and the good times you had when the unofficial news came across the bubbles.

Mother wrote on the 11th saying what a fine time they had in Mr. [?] lorrie acting like wild Indians banging garbage can lids and blowing whistles all up and down the streets making one feel as if he would liked to be in on it but we will have our good times when they get ashore and only hope it will be soon tho we expect to spend the winter over here and get back in time to dig up the garden for spring planting. Guess it will be just as soon as the Old Blue bell takes to the bubbles and we will be ready most likely before they ever think of sending it across.

We surely are having one fine lazy time playing 500 most of the day or writing letters of which I do my share, while once in a while we have to get a horse ready for the officers or go out also which helps to break the monotony of hanging around.

We had a dance last week and it surely was some afair with about 50 couple dancing in a square about twenty feet then the best part of it was when the girls brought the whole family to enjoy themselves and trying to navigate one around in the crowd who was not use to the evenings entertainment. Last night there was another dance this time by Imperials and today there are twenty five in hospital after the hostilities had ceased but nothing like that happened at our little evening.

Tuesday night we decided to have a change in the menu from army rations so got a madame to make us up a supper of cabbage potatoes and sausages which surely was good but only a mouthful and cost us just 45 francs among [?]. A pretty expensive meal but it was enjoyed by us all.

Tonight I guess it will be 500 again as there is to be no more mail written till after we move but I have got mine pretty well finished so am not worrying.

No there is no use mailing any letters to Berlin as I doubt if we will ever land in that place so just use the same old address for a while.

Well Bill here we are back again and feeling much better as we have finished supper and now I am waiting for one of my horses to come back from a joy trip. I guess

I had several letters from Perce Gibson who seems to be having some hard times with his arm again, but is enjoying himself riding around with his motor also taking a Miss Russell out who, it seems, he has gone bugs on.

How is Jinny keeping these days. Still working hard and enjoying life I hope. Had a letter from her awhile ago but didnt mention anything about the little joke you were having with her.

Well Bill I must close as my horse has arrived and will have to give her what is coming to her in oats.

Hoping you all are well happy and enjoying a gay life like myself also a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year all around.

James Hutch


Met a fellow who knows the Law's Character to a T [?] Anderson

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