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Date: August 17th 1918

Aug 17th/18
Dear Mother,

Now while I have time I will drop you a short note just to let you know that I am OK. I have left the DAC and am posted to the 7th Battery. This is the Battery where the "Charlie Elsdon" is in so it seems like going back to school to have old Slab" around. Slab is about the same old boy as ever but the only change I can see in him is that he is brown as a berry and big as a house, He surely is some size. Send all mail from now on to: 7th Battery, 2nd Brigade CFA, BEO, France.

I have been in command at the guns all day today and had all sorts of jobs to do which I wasn't at all sure I could do or not but the Major came back from forward and said the shooting was fine so guess I didn't go under. I was mighty glad when he said that and I told him so. Meanwhile the big war goes on and I'm inclined to think we have a decided bulge on the Hun.

Have seen several air fights lately and they are about as exciting things to watch as I know of. They have the Sackville Horse races all trimmed dozens of ways. One fellow, a Yankee brought down three Huns in one day. The one I saw him shoot down landed upside down.

Well how are all the kidlets and Father? Is he still in Halifax? I suppose by the time you get this, the kids will be back in school.

Now Mother I must stop and crawl into my bunk.

Heaps and heaps of love to the family and more than that for you. Always your loving son.