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Date: January 10th 1917
James Hepburn [father]
James Hepburn [son]

K Ward
Royal Hall War Hosp.
10th Jan'y 17
Dear Father,
I received your welcome letter which you sent to Uncle John. I was very glad to get it. I also got the wire which you sent with it which I wish to thank you for. I am still going on fine, and hope it won't be long before I am up. The doctor told me he would finish up my job one of these days so that will mean another little operation. You see the wound which is fairly large has to be closed up. When my arm was taken off there was a flap left for that purpose, so that has to [be] stitched to my shoulder. I have certainly made wonderful progress, so don't worry about me. After what I have been through I think I can go through anything now. I am sure it would be quite a shock to you all when you got the news, more so than it was to me. There are lots of little things I have been used (to) doing that I will miss, but I guess there is no use to worry myself as nothing can give me back my arm. There are thousands of others like me, and lots worse. My battalion must have had very heavy losses on the Somme, as I heard they had to get 700 to reinforce them. It is a terrible place and I am sure that is worse than the place they call Hell. I can't imagine how there possibly could be a place worse.

I have quite a few Canadians in this hospital, and I am in a bed next to one of my own battalion, so that makes it more cheerful.

The Hospital people in France most certainly did take an interest in me, especially Sister Shaw. I guess it was she who wrote you. I wrote her and thanked her for the kindness and attention she showed me. She wouldn't let me go until she was thoroughly satisfied that my wound was clean and out of danger.

Ewie was here and spent a week with me at Xmas, was certainly pleased to see him. He certainly enjoyed himself too He was out to tea and all.

I haven't received the parcel you sent me, or any of the others you mentioned, but I guess they will come one of these days.

You certainly have had a time with with fires in P. A. I am sure that McLeods store will be quite a loss to P.A., and won't help the looks of Central Avenue any.

Well I think this is about all the news at present. I guess you have got some of the letters I wrote by this time. Tell Mother not to be worrying as I am getting on first rate and hope to be home in the spring or early summer. Well I think I will close now. Hoping this finds you all well. Best love to all.

I remain
Your Loving Son

PS Aunt Tina sent the potato scones they were fine.

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