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Date: November 1st 1917


Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your nice letter, which I received this morning. I expected it for two or three days. Thank you very much for the snapshots you sent. You ask if I object to being placed in your photo album. Well I guess not Alice. I feel highly honored to know that there is a place reserved for one who did not always act as he should have done toward you. So all the married folks are happy and doing well, eh. I am very glad to hear that and sincerely hope that they will always be the same, don't you? I was very much surprised to hear that Pa had left Forbes and Nadeau. Quite a shock. I had begun to think that he was there for life. But a change is often as good as a rest. What made Forbes cut up so rough I wonder? He will have to remember that the war is still on. That newspaper cutting you sent me was made an order of the day some time ago after a very hard fight. It was certainly a tough one. Our attacks were successful and the Hun lost heavily, but it was a hard fight without a doubt.

So Hilda Stone's brother has got the D.S.O. Is he an officer? I did not know he was in the army. I am glad to hear that Pa has got a better job and I know that you both have worked hard for Forbes. But never mind Alice. If you feel unsettled there now, stay till you are ready to quit and then drop your tools. I guess you leaving them now would make quite a difference because as you say, the girls are used to you and know you well. I know very well what it means when a new boss takes over a bunch. Is Lily still in the office? Don't be afraid to tell me home troubles at any time, if you care to Alice. You know me well enough and I like to know how things are with you all at home just as much now as ever. You ask me for news of myself Alice. Well little friend I don't think I have much to say except hat I am quite well at present, still plugging away you know. Doing my best and strafing the Hun and continually living in hope that the war will end some day. That is about all I can write. If I were talking to you, I might tell you more. You ask if we are busy. Well I guess we are and expect to be so for some time. No rest for the wicked you know. How are you these days? Have you learned to dance yet? If you have you are appointed to teach me the art when I come back home. So you have got some job on. Will you accept it? I suppose you can tell by my photos that I have grown quite a lot so you see, you will have quite a weight to drag around the floor. I must thank you once again Alice for the snaps. Especially for the one of you and I together. Don't trouble to get them printed on postcards. These will do nicely. ell little girl, I guess this is all for now so I will close. Kindest regards to all at home and tell Lily I will answer her letter soon. I have enclosed two cuttings, which I guess you want to save. Au Revoir

Your very sincere friend


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Original Scans