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Date: October 10th 1917


Dear Alice,

I was delighted to get your letter of September 4, 1917 and also the enclosed card. Oh, bye the way Alice, did you ever get that photo of myself that I sent you some time ago? I had a letter from my sister yesterday and I am glad to say that Mother is getting better. I guess it will be a long time before she is quite well again. So Harold was home again. He seems to get quite a lot of leave, but the more he gets the better you like it I suppose. How does he like the army life? Does he ever tell you? It is a little different to civic time, but one gets use to it after a while and then it is not too bad. When a fellow first joins, it is often tough. I remember now, the last time I saw him. It was at Galt Avenue. When I left Verdun Alice, I thought I would be gone more than three months but I did not think for one minute that it would be three years. So you think that because I had never mentioned this year, 1917, that I had forgotten our plans. I have not forgotten Alice and I remember almost everything that you and I used to do and other things also. Like you, I have often wondered what would have happened if this war had not started. I guess our plans would have been fulfilled. Don't you think so? I guess we would have been O.K. I don't agree with you Alice, about boys forgetting sooner than girls. I have just discovered that I am 25 years old next birthday. I have been thinking all along that I was 24 years next year. I am beginning to get old, I think. What makes you think that you will be an old maid? Will you tell me Alice why it is that all the boys you meet look alike to you? I would like to know.

I am very sorry to hear that Lily needed support when she got my letter. It is quite a long time since I wrote her previous to that letter. I hope she will survive the shock. I am rather nervous about what will happen when Lily and I meet again. If you promise to support me I guess we will be able to hold our line. What do you think? That was rather a good one you pulled on Mrs. Roland when you were out with Harold. I guess this is all for now Alice so I will close. My kind regards to all at home.

From yours as ever


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