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Date: May 25th 1917



Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your nice letter dated March 23, 1917. I had intended answering you before but you know we have been rather busy of late. Letter writing has become almost a past art, but of course to receive them is always a great pleasure. Have you had any news of Syd lately at all? I hope he is still going strong. I have not seen any of his bunch yet, but hope to run across them some day. You ask if my arm troubles me at all. Well it is not as strong as it was but the only time I feel it is if anything touches the scar. Then it hurts a little but outside of that I never feel it. So you would like to go to New York again, eh. Well, I guess it would be a nice change. Don't you think you could work Harold for a trip? I think you deserve one after working so hard all winter. What do you think of the State coming in on this thing? You ask if I will come back to Verdun or stay in England when it is finished. I will come back and on the double as we say. How is the old place looking now? Changed quite a bit I guess. It is nearly two and a half years since I left and that is quite a spell when we come to look back. Many things have happened in that time. Who told you Alice that I often write to the men at the Steel Foundry? I don't as a matter of fact. A letter once in a while, but not often. I suppose the weather is grand at home now. It is here. Yesterday was the 24th. Did you go to any picnics? So young Leslie Houldsworth has come over. Well I would very much like to see the boy. You send a very good account of him but he was always a nice kid. No Alice, I don't go to sleep in the pictures now or in church. I had to laugh at that. Those were stormy days, eh. I used to get strafed, but never mind. They were good days and sometimes we had some fun, eh on those picnics and parties. I am back with the old battery again now. I think I wrote you before from here but in case not, this is my address: 6th Battery, 2nd Brigade, C.F.A. >>>>>>>> France. Oh, by the way, I am a Bombardier now. Climbing up in the social scale, eh? Those verses you sent are very good and I have enclosed them. Thank you very much for that pretty little card and your good wishes. Well I don't think I have any more to say. Now remember me to Leah and Mr. & Mrs. Bird and all the rest of our old friends. Kindest regard to you all at home.

Your old chum,