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Date: March 1st 1917

Gunner Hale No. 85519
5th Reserve Battery C.F.A.
Risborough Barracks


Dear Alice,

How are you getting on now? Quite well I hope. I think in my last letter I said that I would soon be on draft again. Well I am now going back to the 1st Divison again. I think I will try and get back to the old sixth battery, but of course I cannot be sure yet. Things seem to be moving over in France, but I guess it will be a rather warm place after a while, but we should worry. The sooner we get started the sooner it will be finished and we will get back again. Syd is still O.K. I hope I may run across him some day. I wonder if he has changed at all. Is Ma better now? Did you make a success of your Red Cross Sale? Summer will soon be here again. This is the third one I have missed now. I wonder if we will be back again next year? Do you still have picnics like we used to have? There is one thing about going back now. We have missed the winter and that means much you know. Well dear friend, I have no news to tell you this time so I will close. Will write to you from France when I get a fixed address. Give my best wishes to all at home and the same for yourself.

Your old friend,