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Date: August 2nd 1915

Gunner Hale No. 85519
1st Battery
Canadian Reserve Brigade Field Artillery
Ross Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

Thank you so much for the nice letter I received today and also the one on Saturday. I see by the newspaper cuttings you sent that they have been rubbing it in to the young men still about town. Well it is the only thing to do. They don't seem to realize the serious nature of this war yet. Believe me Alice it is very serious. I am afraid it is only just starting from our point of view. If the Germans take Warsaw which they are almost certain to do, there is bound to be another big fight for Calais. I don't think they will ever take it, but there will be terrible fighting for it. Jock told me that they were all crazy about him when he went home. I guess he was "It". What do you think? Do you know Alice, I would like to see conscription come in England because some of the young men here - civilians - are such contemptible cowards. I have spoken to some of them. If you should happen to mention the army they throw up their hands in horror at the idea of enlisting. What did Hobbs say when they were knocking about men joining the safety first army when they were fit for active service? I guess he did not say much but thought a lot. Well never mind. Our day will come when we come back. They will be all ashamed of the part they played. Today is August bank holiday but we did not have a holiday. It has been a beautiful day. That regiment E. Forbes joined arrived here last week. I will look out for him. I would like to see him over here. I will try and get you some little souvenirs to keep Alice. They will remind us later of these long weeks. I am so surprised to hear that it takes Hobbs so long to say goodnight. I did not think he was like that. But you know appearances are very deceptive sometimes. Don't be afraid about our cat Alice. It gets lots to eat and drink. You asked me if I saw Hilda. No child I did not. I do not know where she lives and don't want to. So don't worry Alice. I think I told you in my last letter that Jock took me down to see some friends of his. They are very nice people. We went to see them yesterday. I don't think they like him much. You know what, he is barely civil at time. One of the girls told me that he was very sarcastic one night when he went to see them. They have not forgiven him yet. Poor Jock. I wonder why he is so funny sometimes. I am going over to his camp tomorrow night. Pat has gone to Ireland again. He will be back some time this week. I don't like Jock's regiment much. There are an awful lot of drunks in it. They are a fine looking set of men, but I don't like to see so much drinking. I am so glad to hear that Jim is not so badly cut up. I have started to look for him again now. Well my little girl, I guess this is about all I have to say now. Tell Lily and Hobbs I will answer their letters soon. Tell Hobbs when he is out at night and comes home late, not to stand talking at the garden gate. Give my kindest regards to all and my best love to you.

I remain
Ever your loving
Boy Bob

Will write again soon.