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Date: July 1st 1915

Gunner Hale
NO. 85519
1st Battery, R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks


My Dear Alice,

I received your letter today and also one from Pa. So Pat says I am nice but I get mad sometimes. Well he makes me mad sometimes. He is a funny beggar. It has rained for two days now but as it is Dominion Day today it is a fine day, but we are drilling all day. Where did you go today Alice? I hope you had a nice time. I am so sorry to hear that Jessie is so ill and hope she will get better. When is H. Crawshaw's wedding? You told me once, but I have forgotten the date. I am sorry to hear that Jock displayed such bad manners and narrow mindedness when you were with Hobbs. I was surprised before when you told me that Hobbs did not see you home. Jock does not need to worry because I am sure that I can trust you and I think Hobbs would act on the square. In fact, I would rather see you with him that anybody else. How did you enjoy your trip down the rapids Alice? Did you have a good time dear? I hope it was a fine day. Mrs. Armstrong has a son, eh? Well next time you see her, give her my kind regards and my congratulations. I guess she does look young. Tell Lily I am very sorry that I was so slow answering her letter but I think by this time she will have had my letter. Don't forget to send me some flowers out of our garden Alice when they come out. So Robert Bathe is a fine big boy. I hope Alice he will never have such a cause as the one at the present time to fight for if he lives to be a man. This is the most awful war since the creation of the world and I think it is a man's place to take a part in it of course. I mean single fellows like myself. You would not like me to be at home with you in Canada would you dear while somebody was doing my share of the fighting? Talking of these shells, they have not asked for any tradesmen from us yet. I don't think they will. If they do I don't want to work in England because I want to go to the front. I wish they would send us tomorrow. It will be a great experience child. I have got a notion that I will come back again quite safe and sound to you again but it may be some time yet. We have a lot of men with us now who have been to the front and come back wounded. Some of the tales they tell are funny and some are terrible. Who do you mean dear when you say that some of us are breaking people's hearts? Am I breaking yours my darling? Don't worry my dear. I am coming back. What paper was it that George Greening's picture was in? I wonder if he is badly wounded. He was not out there very long. Some of the Canadian bands are going to play in one of the parks in town tonight. I think I will go down and hear them. Well I guess this is all just now dear. Give my kind regard to Ma, Pa and Lily. I will write again soon. Goodbye my fondest love to you.

I remain,

Your loving boy