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Date: June 25th 1915

Gunner Hale
NO. 85519
1st Battery, R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks


My Darling Alice,

How are you getting on now? Have you got over the wedding yet? How is Jessie these days? Do you hear from her at all? We have just got back from church and it is a beautiful day. I think I will go over for Jock this afternoon and then we will go for a walk in the country. I went to a roller skating rink last Wednesday with Pat. It was a fancy dress night. Pat had a dress of some kind and you should have seen him. It would have been better if there had been more girls. I guess there were about ten soldiers to every one girl. Their rink here is on the pier. It is nice to sit on the pier at night and watch the sea. I wish you were here for a while. It would be just lovely wouldn't it dear? Well dear Alice, my name is down for the next draft for the front, our section commander told me yesterday. I don't know how long it will be before we are called. It may be this week and it may not be for months, but I hope it will be soon. But when you are writing always write to this address until I send you another one. Dear Alice, how is Lily getting on with Mr. Walker now? Does he still come to see her? They must be pretty well acquainted by this time. Do you ever see Hobbs now and has he enlisted yet? How does Leah like the idea of George being wounded? Do you see much of her these days? Is she the same independent kid she used to be? Do you see much of the old bunch now? I guess I will have a letter from you tomorrow. There is a Canadian mail in today, but I guess there will be some more in tomorrow. Then I will write another letter to you. It will be treat dear to go to church with you again. I promise you now that I will not go to sleep when the sermon is on. Thank you so much for that picture taken in Cote St. Paul. It is just lovely and I like it very much. It seems so natural and just like you look. I am so glad that you are better again Alice and now dear, try and keep well. Please don't worry about me. Please don't say that you are not satisfied with your life because you know dear, that the people who suffer most in this war are the women who wait at home for news. You are one of them and one of the best. Lily Finlay asked me to send you her address and this is it: 471 Marquette Street. I believe that is somewhere in the north end. Well dear, I think this is all I have to say now so I will close with kindest regards to Ma, Pa and Lily and fondest love to you.

I remain,

Your loving
Soldier boy