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Date: June 22nd 1915

Gunner Hale
NO. 85519
1st Battery, R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

I have some news to tell you this time. I was walking along the sea front last night and I met Jock. He was with a bunch of the Scots. He left them and came with me. I am going to see him again tonight. I will bring him up here to our quarters. He looks fine. Much better than when I last saw him. He was telling me about that wedding. What has happened dear that it was postponed? Of course I only know what Jock told me and if that is the right version I think that Frank Stopps should be sent to the front right in along the gas. I don't know anything about the case, but I think it was a very mean trick to pull off. Even if Jessie was in a bad state of health it was up to Frank after all the talking he did about getting married and the way they used to fool about. I think it is a great shame. It must have been a disappointment to you also after going to all that trouble and expense to get dresses and other things. I was thinking last Wednesday, that was the 16th that you were all getting ready to go to church. I guess Jessie is feeling bad about it. I feel sorry for her, don't you dear? There is a big Canadian mail in today. There will be some more in this afternoon so I will not finish this letter now, but wait and see if I get a letter from you. I guess I will and then I guess you will be telling me all I have just written. It is just time for dinner now dear, so I will close till after the next parade and then I will finish this letter. Goodbye for now dear. I am just going to start again now. I received two letters and that nice postcard from you this afternoon and a letter from L. Finlay. Where has Jessie gone to for a rest? If she is as bad as the doctor says, she is bad, but as you say love can do a lot and if it had been you and myself, I should have married you and would have done all in my power to make you better. I have just taken Jock home and whom do you think I met? Andie Orr - you know the man I used to work with when I first went to the Steel Works. We were both surprised believe me. I was very glad to see him. He was talking about my moustache. He said just before he left he went to the shop to see the bunch. He said they were all talking about me ands asked to be remembered to me. He is in the machine gun section or the suicide club as it is called in the same regiment as Jock. I am sorry you were so lonely at the tin shower. But never mind dear, when I come back we will have a big party. When you go to H. Crawshaw's affair try again to enjoy yourself. So Mrs. Bathe has a son eh. And I am very much honored by it being named after me. Tell her so will you. I am sorry to hear that George Greening has been wounded, but I guess he will soon be well. George has just one stripe. He is an acting Lance Corporal and there is absolutely no more worry on him than anybody else. So next time Mrs. Greening starts to talk, just tell her that will you dear. It is no use having stripes in our bunch because we are reserves. When we go to the front all the NCO have to drop their stripes. So you see they are of no account. Jones never wrote to me yet but I guess it has slipped his memory. No Alice, I would not like to be living in London and you were asking me if Mother liked you. She says that you seem to be a very nice girl and I said you were one of the best. So you see dear, its all O.K. How do you like my song dear? Just a little love, a little kiss? Yes, I would give all my life for you darling. I guess I will have to close this now as it is getting very late. I will write again tomorrow. Give my kindest regards to Ma, Pa and Lily and remember me to all the bunch. With my fondest love to you,

I remain

Your true loving boy


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Original Scans