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Date: May 17th 1915

Gunner Hale
1st Battery R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

We have just got back from the ranges and it has been raining all day. So as we have just finished an eight-mile march, you can guess what we were like when we got home. This rain makes it hard shooting but I did not do so bad. The first course at 100 yards, I got 2 bulls and three inners. The second course at 200 yards I got 3 bulls and two inners. The third course was what they call snapshooting. The range is 300 yards and the target is supposed to be a man's head, as it would appear at that range. The target comes up for four seconds and then disappears. You have to aim and fire in that time. I hit it twice in the center and three times just outside the circle. So that is not bad and is considered good shooting. We have got two more courses to fire tomorrow but I hope by that time the rain will have stopped. Well dear, there was a Canadian mail in today and as I did not get a letter from you last weekend, I expected one today. But I did not get one. Perhaps I will tomorrow before we go to shoot. I hope so anyhow. ell dear, how are you all at home now? All well I hope. How is the river looking now? I would just like to take you for a little trip in the boat tonight if I was there. It would be fine wouldn't it darling. Well dear, I have not got much news to tell you this time but as soon as I get your next letter I will write at once. One of the boys who is here from the front was just telling me that after the Battle of Hill 60 there were only 250 of the 1,100 5th Royal Highlanders of Montreal who answered their names at the roll call afterwards. That was heavy, eh? I am going to communion next Sunday night. I guess it will be our last Sunday here and also our last chance for the communion, so I will take it. I don't think I have any more to say now dear so I will close. Give my kind regards to Ma and Pa and Lily and remember me to all the rest of the people. My fondest love to you darling.

I remain
Your Loving boy

Think of me when you are lonely keep for me my tender spot in the heart of your affection plant the sweet forget-me-not.

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