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Date: May 10th 1915

1st Battery R.F.A.
Canadian Reserve Brigade
Ross Barracks


My Dearest Alice,

What do you think of the war now? How about the Lusitania and today they dropped bombs on Southend. Believe me, things are looking up. It is time now for England to fight the same way as Germany is doing. It is still looking very serious from my point of view. We are just holding our own in France now and that is all. When we get there I suppose we will have that gas to contend with as the poor beggars are doing now. That is an awful stunt. What do you think about it Alice? Well dear, I will tell you this. When I go to the front, I will not take any prisoners. I don't think any of the boys here will. Well all these stunts they are pulling off now. We will remember when we get there. Well dear Alice, I did not get a letter from you this week. I guess your letter was on the Lusitania so I won't get it now although there was a big Canadian mail in. I had a letter from Lily yesterday. It was posted on April 12th and it said that Miss Phelic had got fired. You will see that we have changed barracks again but we are still in Shorncliffe. Alice dear, I think the man who gets wounded and comes home is lucky. I am beginning to think that this is going to be a long war now because we have just got to win and we are not doing that yet. I don't know if we will come back alive, but I am going to have a good try believe me. I want to come back to my little girl again. I miss your letters so much and it disappoints very much when I don't get one. So please don't stop writing any time or forget the mail did you get the bracelet yet or the picture of me that I sent you? What do you think of them? Do you like the bracelet? I don't think we will be here much longer darling so please write to me as often as you can sweetheart, because you know that old saying, life is short, and you know it may be very short for some of us. We may not be as lucky as Milton James because artillery is a target. I wonder if Jimie Beaconsfield is still alive and the rest of the boys. George Greening and Bert have moved from Shorncliffe and are under canvas. I heard yesterday that they are going to the front this week. Do you know dear that at the Battle of Hill 60 when the Canadians lost so heavily, the 5th Royal Highlanders of Montreal were in that. There were over 400 killed and wounded. The Heavy Brigade Artillery of Montreal was nearly wiped out. I often wonder if any of our old friends are dead yet. While I think of it, my regimental number is 85519. So when we go you will know my number, so take a note of that. The weather here is very hot now and we are all sunburned but we all look well and fit. I am going to try to get leave this weekend to go home but I don't know if I will be able to. When I was home last time my proud sister was asking me about you. She asked me if I was engaged yet. I told her not yet but as soon as the war was finished I was going to be. She seemed to like the idea. She said she was sure that you were a nice girl and I said you were the nicest girl in the world. She smiled and said I suppose so. They are all glad I have joined for the war so am I. It is an awful war but I wouldn't be out of it for anything. Dear Alice, do you know to be at home like you are now is heaven. Folks don't realize it until they are away from it. I went to church last night with one of the boys and it was nice. I am still good and I have not broken any of the promises I made to you yet and I am not going to. There are four of us in this room; A. Gordon and myself and two others and we have all got our girls' pictures on the mantelpiece. Quite a picture gallery and quite nice. I often lay in bed and look at your picture. Well dearest Alice, I don't think I have any more to say now. I am going to write to Lily now. Remember me to Ma and Pa, the Mabury's and all my friends. I think Jock will see the fighting now.

Goodbye sweetheart. I hope to get a letter soon.

I remain
Just the same
Your Loving Boy


All my love and heaps of kisses dear.

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