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Date: March 31st 1915

15 Collingham Road
South Kensington
London, S.W.

My Darling Alice,

Thank you so much for the nice letter you wrote Mother and the picture. I think I looked a little solemn don't you dear? I have a pass for four days and have got to be back tomorrow. Too bad. I have been round town with my people and my proud sister. She was asking about you and so was Judy. Dear Alice, Bess, that is the proud one, took me to have my picture taken so as soon as I get them I will send one to you. I guess I will get them about a week from now and I think they will be good. Now dear, I am going to tell you something. Hilda is married and her husband is in the army. What do you know about that going some? I have not seen her. She does not live round here now but some old friends of mine say that she is not very well off. She only gets about 15/- a week and that does not go far. I was told that her mother died and so she was left without a home almost. It's too bad. I feel sorry for her, don't you? Now you see you won't be able to talk about Hilda to get me going when I come back. I went to my old church this morning and they are going to put my name on the roll of honour and then I took a look at my old school and saw all the old teachers. They have got another roll of honour so I am booked for that too - some class. There are over 100 of the old boys in the war from that school and quite a number hold down commissions. The weather is nice here now. I got that candy yesterday. I hope you will like it. Bess is waiting to take me out now to look for that present. I saw a nice one in Folkestone before I left so if I don't see what I like here I will wait till I get back. London is very much the same as when I left it. It does not change much. The people here are all quite well and I hope you are too dear. I hope when I get back to Shorncliffe I will get some letters from you. I am getting so lonely now and I want some news of you good people so much. I guess you are just on the car now going to work. I hope the day won't be long for you dear. I don't think we will be long in England Alice from what I can see of it. Well dear, I don't think I have any more to say now so I will close. Give my love to all.

I remain
Your Loving Boy

Please write soon . XXXXXXXX

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