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Date: March 3rd 1915

Wednesday, 3rd March 1915.

It was a grand day today, sun shone fine and warm. We were all busy getting ready to launch. This afternoon the warship ordered us to Queenstown at full steam. The other ships got out of our way and we went ahead followed by the Missanabie. The warship is standing by the Vaterland. It is now night and no moon and we are moving some. The ship is shaking all over from end to end from the strain of the engines. I have just come down from deck and it is quite exciting the way we are going full speed and without a single light. I think there must be something wrong or we would not be going at this speed without an escort. We should worry. Before we left, the warship ordered our lifeboats to be swung out so that they are all ready to lower to the water.


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Original Scans