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Date: March 1st 1915

Monday, March 1st, 1915.

We had a very pleasant day today. It was a little foggy this morning but it cleared up later. About 9:30 a.m. we sighted a ship but she turned out to be going towards Canada and home . When we first saw her all hands were excited. Our sports were a great success and we had lots of fun. The weather cleared up very fine and the sea got quiet, it is quite calm now. The Megantic and the Missanabie have now left the Essex and the Vaterland behind and we are going at full speed ahead. This is the first time since we started. We are to pick up another and stronger escort tomorrow. Sometimes I don't know why this has happened but I am glad because the Vaterland was dangerous at night. Last night we were all woke up by the ship's whistle and this morning we were told that the Vaterland came within twenty yards of hitting us. They are taking all precautions on board now in case of accidents. All the lifeboats have been uncovered and prepared to be instantly launched and they have all been restocked with water and fresh biscuits. Well, I think I will go to bed now. It is 9 o'clock and I feel tired of doing nothing. Well, goodnight Child. I will write some more tomorrow.


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