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Date: February 19th 1915

On board S.S. Megantic

My Darling Alice,

Did you get my other letter I sent from Halifax? I did not post it myself, but we went on parade and as we were not allowed to leave the ranks I had to give it to a civilian and trust him to mail it for me. We arrived in town late last night so we slept on the train and this morning after the parade we came on board. It is a nice bright day but very cold. There are two warships lying out in the harbour and they look fine too. There is not a bit of snow here in Halifax. You must excuse this bad writing dear, I am in my bunk. All the boys are in the reading room singing songs and I came here to be alone to think of you and to kiss that little piece of hair you gave me. Although the Government owns my body, you control my soul and all my mind. I have only been away from you two days and it seems so long to me. My Dear Alice, I cannot help thinking of the lovely way all your people treated me. If I had been your only brother you could not have treated me better. I am very grateful to you all and I hope some day to be able to repay you for all your kindness to me. And now that I have parted from you I am looking forward to the day when we shall meet again. When I used to tell you that I loved you, you used to smile, but do you believe it now dear? There are four of us in this cabin and young Archie Gordon is one of them. We have just had supper. We had fish, cheese, butter, jam and tea and as much as we wanted. It is reported that we are going to sail on Sunday but nobody knows anything. They claim that the skipper does not know where we are bound for yet, but of course that is only a report. Nobody is allowed on shore now. We have had two deserters up to now so they are getting very strict but you cannot blame them. I am just dying to see those pictures and when I get home I am going to take one of those pictures I sent home of you, and get a small one taken off it and then get a locket and put the picture and hair in it and wear it round my neck, so that I shall always have something of my darling's near my heart. Well sweetheart, I don't think I have any more to say now except that when we sail I am going to keep a diary and send it to you as soon as we arrive on the other side of the lake. Well Child, I don't know how I am going to get this ashore but I am going to try. Goodbye Alice. Remember me kindly to all.

I remain with fondest love from your soldier boy

We will have to start an account in kisses like Jock and Lily had. XXXXXX

Think of me when you are lonely.
Keep for me one tender spot
In the heart of your affections
Plant the sweet forget-me-not.

P.S. Will you kindly find my laundry bag and wash it for me please.

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