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Date: February 8th 1919
John William Law

Feb 8 1919

My Dear Mother:-

I was so very pleased to receive a mail today consisting of 5 things. Your two letters dated Jan 13 and 20, Eudoras, dated 12 and a parcel from Mrs. Blood and one from the Pickards.

I had been sitting before the grate fire all afternoon although it is a lovely day but I have no place to go unless I take a train down to Manchester (a 25 minutes journey) but then it is like any other down town and nothing much is gained by wandering around the streets perhaps going into a nickel show or a theatre so Im just as well off here snoozing before the fire.

It is almost two months now since Ive been in the hospital. I came in on Dec 16 with a few spots of Impetigo on my face which was practically all gone a week after. Since then ive had absolutely no treatment whatever, in fact there is no need for any, but with this slow moving English method of doing things Im still here, waiting waiting, waiting to get back to my Canadian depot. Were it not that the Army has some $400 pay of mine and my gratuity might be withheld unless my conduct was good, I should have walked away from this hospital long ago. Here I am wasting my time, living in every comfort, an expense to the government, but it just bears out my opinion which Ive always had on the lack of efficiency amongst Army administrative officials and [?].

I see by your letter Norman Rippon is home. I wrote him a letter last week to his home in woodstock telling him I was still in hospital. He will think Im "swinging the lead" so to speak, but he'll understand the Imperials I think.

Im glad to hear you are having such mild weather and hope it continues so. Coal in england here is very scarce something like 40 (shilling) a ton and yet this district is amongst the mines. A few of the restrictions on food etc have already been lifted but there is a re-action in England after the four years war. Many strikes are occuring in coal, cotton, transport, and in Glasgow men are out for an eight hour day, inclusive of their meal hour for which they desire the previous pay for a 54 hour week. Strange to say it is mostly foreigners who are the leaders of these strikes, the poor ignorant workman being so easily led. In 20 years time they'll perhaps find out their mistake.

The little bit of new I get of Canada these days are a few articles I read by the Times correspondent in Toronto. I miss that Daily News Record which use to be given to all of the Canadian Corps. Consequently feel rather out of touch of things at home.

I did write the Ladies Aid thanking them for their parcel this Christmas. I hope they wont call on me to make a speech should they meet at our house sometime.

Expect to see Aunt Susan tomorrow and take her some of the things that came in these two parcels today. They were very nice parcels indeed which means two more letters.

What is the color scheme in the parlour and dining room now? and will I fall in for the job of painting the bath room again.

I wish you could see this house Im in now. Elevator, fine carpets, deershead wonderful paintings and magnificent fire places. The grounds also are beautiful and a little miniature lake with row boats on it. However it doesnot interest me as much as you'd imagin and I can walk around as though I were used to this and much better in civilian life. But after all, although the paintings may be by some now famous artists Im quite sure they'll please the eye no better than the ones we have at home and as for the lake anything better than the island lagoon or Toronto Bay I'll find hard to beat.

The old guy who owns the house also owns numerous coal mines in the vicinity. New laid eggs at 90 (cents) a dozen are not one of his worries I believe.

Well Mother must close now and get cleaned up for dinner. Im sorry I cannot give you any definite idea of my homecoming but you understand the position Im in as well as I do now. Believe me Im trying to come back just as soon as I possibly can.

With love to all

Your loving son


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