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Date: March 10th 1919
John William Law

Witley Camp
Mar 10/1919

My Dear Mother:

I thought I had better write to you, in view of the riots at camps, etc letting you know Im not a casualty and am leaving camp tonight to have some more leave in Glasgow. I believed up until now I was sailing on the 15th Saturday, but it seems to be the usual thing to cancel sailings, one, if not the main reason for the discontent of the troops who brok into riot at Rhyl the other day, the next camp Im supposed to go to. Last Saturday I ran across Bombardier Kirkpatrick. You will remember the boy who dug me out that time on the Somme and who was afterwards taken prisoner. He spent 19 months in Germany and at dinner tole me quite a bit of his story. He has certainly had a hard time of it and if I even had any doubt of the treatment of prisoners I have none now. He never got my letters and had it not been for Red Cross parcels he says he would have died of starvation like thousands of the Russians. I am not going to try and give you any idea now when to expect me home. The Third Division have sailed and the First is about to sail soon. Then the Second and folled by the fourth. I am sending a cable today for twenty pounds to be sent to Glasgow. I find I can get none from the pay Office and my Kit has cost more than I expected. I hope you can manage this and that money is not so scarce with you as me. This is rather a cheerless letter. Im sure they were more cheerful from France when things were not so rosy but I am really fed up with the delay but can't help it. I have had no mail from you for quite awhile now. In fact one letter since leaving hospital about Feb 8. Think you must have expected me home and have ceased to write. However will write soon again and let you know how the people are in Scotland. With love to all

Your loving son

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