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Date: May 28th 1915
John William Law

May 28, 1915 Dear Mother:- We are now in our training camp at West Sandling, 65 miles East from London and just about 6 miles from the English Channel. There are two other camp near here Shorncliffe, and [?] and also one near Folkestone. On Sunday last we disembarked in lighters at Plymouth, trains were watching for us and we started [] to here. We passed through the outskirts of London. On the Great North Western Railway and then on to the Chatham and S. Eastern Rly. The scenery certainly was pretty, all the farms laid out just so, some farmhouses with thatched roofs and the grass and trees were very green and smooth. I never saw anything so pretty and I just wished you could have seen it to. Canals, tunnels and Stations every few miles. The camp is made up of small huts about the size of the one up at the lot only long and narrow about thirty or thirty five men to a hut. We sleep and eat in these and they are very comfortable. I ran into Orville the first day I was here but he had nothing much of interest to say. He had been up to London a couple of times. One thing though, he told me was that the officers here had attended a lecture for the purpose of learning just how the Allies stood. The lecturer, whose name I did not get, shared that up to the present it was a losing fight for the Allies and would continue to be so unless the Dardanelles was forced. Germany he said was still well equipped with men, ammunitions and supplies for at least seven years. I am just giving you this for what it is worth as I can hardly believe it either. The leave has started and some men in the section are away now on six days leave. Only those men, I hear, whose next of kin is in this country are getting six days but it is possible I may get it also. I am going to Manchester first as it is nearest and if I have the full six days I will go on up to Glasgow if I can make it. England is crowded with Soldiers. Every place you go. Down at Folkestone, 5 miles away. There seems to be nobody else but soldiers. I doubt if I have seen more than thirty or forty civilians between the enlisting ages of 19-40 but Orville tells me there are a lot up in London. How is William! It will soon be time to expect to hear from you. Tell Marion I have not seen a pretty girl yet and all I have seen have the biggest size of feet. Well I must close to let this catch the Canadian Mail but will write again next week. Your loving son John P.S. see Aeroplanes, Torpedo boat Destroyers, Submarines, War Ships, and Auto Transports about here all the time. JL

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