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Date: June 22nd 1915
John William Law

Sandling Camp, Hythe, Kent 22 6 15 Dear Mother Your letter, one from Mary and Eudora received to-day and I was glad to hear from you all and wished I could write as interesting letters to you but aside from the daily routine of camp drills musketry etc. there is not much to say. We have been working pretty hard though the last two weeks marching down to Hythe to shoot, trench digging and field manouvers. My feet gave out on the marches owing to poor boots, so often that I refused to march on parades until they issued the battalion with English boots and believe me they are some boots, immense soles studded with large hob nails and a horse shoe around the heel. They are so heavy they are only comfortable when you are standing still but my feet are not sore now. I had a letter from Mr. [?] at Manchester which I answered and said I would be visiting them soon, a letter from Joe Dalziel and one from Robt Weir, I told them all I'd call on them and will do so this coming Friday when I expect to get six days leave. Only those whose relations are here are getting six days and four days only is allowed for visiting London. By the way Orvil is coming with me if nothing turns up to upset our plans. Well mother I'll have a lot to tell you as soon as I have had my leave and seen all these people and will say good-bye for now. Im keeping fit and have not been sick yet. From your boy John PS. I got Marions letter and will write soon. Many happy returns to her.

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