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Date: October 7th 1915

Oct 7th 1915

My Dear Mother,

Just before I retire I will drop a line to let you know I am OK. As usual I have really nothing to write about. We cannot talk about the war or anything pertaining to it, and it appears to be the chief subject for talk these days, but Father said to write, even if it was just a card, so here I am.

Oh by the way, I got loan of a horse the other day and rode all over the country to find something to drink. I could not find any pop, but in a large town, some distance from here, I did find some Perrier water, so it's goodbye to beer and white wine vinegar now. Perrier is nearly as good as a dose of salts, but it's better than nothing.

I am on good terms with the 'sister' over here at the convent and she lets me have a bath every other night. It's fine after being dirty so long - and so dirty!

Lots of love for all family.

Loving son,

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