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Date: September 21st 1915

In Billets

21 Sept 1915

My Dear Mother

You will be glad to know that I am across safely and am feeling fine. I am located in very comfortable quarters and have many of the conveniences of home, not all of course, but many more than I ever expected to get over here. I have a nice clean bed to myself and the people with whom I am living are very clean and obliging.

We have been here for three days and have had a fine rest. The meals are quite good, and I am Mess Pres. again so I will have good things to eat as long as there is anything good to be had in these parts. I gave the thing up in England but just had four day's rest when they thrust it upon me again so here I am. I do all the buying for our mess, and I often wish I had studied my French a little harder. However I manage to make my wants known with the help of a dictionary and a good many gestures.

We move again tomorrow morning to the reserve billets and tomorrow night we will be within two miles of the firing line. Just what part I may not say, even though I know, as I am my own censor and so must not take advantages of it. How ever I will be perfectly safe and there is absolutely no cause for worry about me.

We are getting used to the guns by degrees. From here we can hear them quite plainly. They rumble away all day and night, incessantly. Also I have seen fights between the aircraft which, by the way, is [an] interesting sport. Whenever we get a half fair chance, we always beat the Germans in the air. Will you excuse the writing, I am trying to write on my pillow, in bed, with a poor pencil and by light of a single candle. Soon I hope to be able to tell you some of my experiences, as they are rather odd, at least they were to me but I must not as we are under very strict orders [in?] all things. Lots of love for all. I am feeling just fine and don't worry a scrap.

Loving son,

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Original Scans