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Date: July 27th 1918
Little Nig (Walter)

M----, Somme, France
Letter No 86
27 July '18, Saturday

My dear little Nig

I have not written you for three weeks that I really must do so and thank you for your nice letters which give me great pleasure. I am pleased you noticed letter No 53 had gone astray; I fear it is lost in the post. Tell me if all the other ones have arrived. I am afraid that I lost the shilling stamp you wanted, but when another one arrives I will send it. Your description of the Cuffley outing is extremely good and knowing what I do of that pretty part of Herts I can well judge. Won't it be fine when I can go for a cycle ride over those familiar roads with you? I wonder how you have come out on the whole exam; you told me your marks of the two worst subjects. Evidently you don't take after Stan in drawing and handicraft.

So you had been making paper bullets to chuck about in school - you young rascal. By the way a little "Dicky bird" told me that you got a detention card. I am sure you didn't deserve it but remember not to play about when you ought to be attending to a lesson because later on you will want as much knowledge as possible to gain scholarships to admit you to an university! You will laugh and say I am silly, bit I hope to see it come true nevertheless.

I hope you are trying to be a good boy at home. Don't forget you still have the job of filling my place until I come back. How do you get on with Beethoven's Sonatas?! Mind you don't push the back out of the piano before I have another chance of playing it.

Tell Dad that my address remains the same although I am at the wing and I believe that I shall be here for a week at least. This is a little country village surrounded by golden cornfields - couldn't we have an enjoyable time here if there was no nasty old war?

Now I must say goodbye, for a little while. Tell Stan and Squibby that I will write them soon.

Tootleloo, little Nig

Lots of xxxxxx from your big brother