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Date: June 4th 1918
Dinkey (Albert)

Tuesday Eve The same place

4 June, 1918 Somewhere in France

My dearest mother,

Very little has happened today so that the record of my doings will be rather brief. I was on parade at the same time as usual this morning and marched down to the rifle range beyond the training ground. The immediate vicinity of the range is rather pretty being hilly with patches of trees here and there. The surroundings here are most quieting, all thoughts of war are for the time being banished and I enjoy the privilege of being here as much as I can.

We did some firing in gas masks and afterwards marched back again to our billets where we were dismissed. I had not a very good night last night for some reason or other so after reading a little I went to sleep until dinner time. After dinner I went down to get a few jobs like haircutting and boot repairing done and spent the remainder of the time in the billet resting. Since tea I have been writing letters out in the fields and generally taking it lazy. I do not feel very grand today; I have got diarrhea a bit and consequently feel a bit of a wash out; it will soon pass off I have no doubt.

The post has arrived. I received one letter from Charles Soutter. He has written me such a kind message. It is when letters like his arrive that one feels inspired to do more and to carry on cheerfully. I still believe there is a good deal of fear awaiting me somewhere. I don't seem to have had a letter from you or dad for a long while, the last one I received from you was dated 24th May and I have not received a letter from dad for over a fortnight, but probably he is very busy and not feeling up to letter writing when he arrives home tired at night (I have received the parcels since then).

I don't know why this is, but I feel a bit homesick today. It is probably because I have not had much to do to make me think about other things. Of course this is only natural, the marvelous part is that I haven't noticed being away from home nearly as much as I have anticipated. Then I have been having such a good time that it has been like a holiday; I shall notice the difference when I am in less pleasant surroundings. I believe that almost all of my letters have reached home which is something to be very thankful for as I then know that you have all the news about and consequently don't worry.

I seem to have done an awful lot of letter writing since I have been out here; indeed quite a lot of my spare time is taken up in this way. But then it is a pleasure which has such great rewards and a letter from me is more than rewarded by an answer because letters are so cheering out here and keep thoughts of home fresh in the mind. It may not be possible [censored].

I do hope you are keeping well and happy and that dad is as well. Give my love to Grandma, Cookey and the boys.

With fondest love and xxxxx

from Dinkey