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Date: May 22nd 1918

Wednesday, 22 May, 1918

BEF, France

My dearest mother,

I have had a budget today and consequently feel greatly joyed. They are letters that have travelled half round France after me. One from you dated 13th inst, one from Walter dated 15th also one from Dad of the same date, a letter from Mr. Waller dated the 9th and one from Daisy Wall dated 5th. In this communiqué I will answer your very interesting letter. No, I have not yet received your letter of the 10th inst or the parcel but no doubt that they will turn up someday or other. However I am very satisfied with what I have received already and feel very much happier for them. The link with home which for a time seemed broken has been renewed. I cannot of course remember what the censor may have deleted in my earlier letter without seeing them; perhaps I will be able to remedy the blanks later. While I can wash my clothes conveniently I am not going to have any change of clothing as very often the so called clean changes are not quite so clean as they say! We are at present quite free from vermin. Prayer is for you and for me the one great consoling factor; it unites us in spirit through the mediation of God, altho' we are separated, for a short time in body. I want you to grasp the fact that I am quite happy and would consequently like to share my happiness. I feel absolutely sure that you are not [?]the absolutely useless, isn't it? - and just put it in its place, faith is the providence of God to make all well. So I shall expect to hear when you reply to this letter that you went to the Quadrant as usual and imagine that I was along [?]or something more pleasant at Wimbledon and just could not get up in time for the service. I am sorry to hear that Stan was sick; he seems to have been weak for some time. If I was you I should let Dr. Brooks examine him [?] This afternoon I served in the billet and was [?] with the cries of the corporal "three letters for Fereday". Oh joy! I was up like a shot and read them over and over again. It seems grand to get news from home after such a long time - over a fortnight now - and I shall read them all again tonight.

Stuart and I put in passes for this place which have been granted; and after tea we strolled over and have been seated in this YMCA tent ever since.

We are having Brigade sports on Wednesday when we are excused parade all day. There are all sorts of interesting competitions [?] a gun assembling race and a boat race. In addition I am in for the obstacle race and the long jump. I wish you were to be one of the "Ladies" who are "Cordially Invited".

I am looking forward to the mail tomorrow eagerly and will reserve further news until then,

Au revoir,

with fondest love xxxx from


PS Thank Stan for his note. In a brief reply thereto please say that his second observation is incorrect, the first is therefore OK. Further intelligence should now have been received concerning the most secret move.

PPS This letter is No 16. Please verify.