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Date: May 20th 1918

Monday 20 May, 1918, Evening

YMCA hut, Somewhere in France

On Active Service



My dear mother,

At last I have had three communications and you can just imagine how "bucked" I feel. The letter is 16th inst - Thursday - and was written by yourself and Stanley. The others are the "Quad" boys and a letter from Mr. Waller enclosing a splendid photo of himself. Tell dad if he sees Mr. Waller to say that I have safely received his letter of the 16th and thank him ever so much for it. I shall, of course, be writing in a day or two. I am sorry that the photos are rotten. I suppose that is mainly my ugly face that spoils the photo, which the photographer has not been successful enough to "touch up" respectably. I have not had your parcel up to the time of writing but I have not much doubt that it went to the Battalion which is [?] and will eventually find the way to the Divisional Wing. When I saw the last of the base I saw the last of the unpleasant lice have not troubled me now I have had ample chance of washing myself and also my clothes. It is rather a coincidence but just as I asked for a pair of [?] to be sent out I had an army pair issued in place of one of my pairs pants. They are ever so much more comfortable during the hot weather which continues to last. There is therefore no hurry for the things I asked you to send out and I always have to consider the weight of my pack in view of the fact that I have to cart it every where I go. I am glad you like my communiqué; I think you will agree with me when I remark that I must have secretly [?] the[?] of what a soldier is allowed to[?] All I hope is that you have all of my letters and that they have not been deleted to any serious extent. Please let me know. Today has passed very much the same as usual. This morning from 9 - 2, I was in the usual "stand" in the orchard - we had an examination and all of our old platoon did very well. There is talk of one or two of us becoming instructors

(First page of this letter seems to be missing)

could no doubt give you some advice. I have read nearly all the [?] which is, as you say, very interesting. I am pleased that Dad is keeping well. Thank him very much for his kind interesting letter and also little Walter for his and the list. I will reply to each later.