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FP Gothard [?]

A Co. 71st Battalion
Bramsbott[?] Camp.
Leptbook House[?]
My Dear Friends

Just a line from you old friend in England I hope that Kate is doing fine now Im sure you have had a hard time of it & I was pleased to hear that you are both keeping fine have you found out what you are going to call the baby yet give it some good name I came up to see you before I left but you were too sick @ the time but Ill be there when I come home again I say Jack I am 25 miles away from Reading so when I can get a pass Ill be down to see your people & tell them how you are getting along over in Canada I shall not be able to get to Scotland yet a while but if I can I will go see Kate's[?] if I have any chance @ all. They pulled us out of Woodstock very quickly even before we knew where we were but we are all safe in England these days & a nice place indeed.

I have heard that you have enlisted Jack is it true, I think it was Annie who said so in her last letter but I can hardly believe it of course its nothing to do with me but youll be sorry if you ever get to England for I never thought that being away from all friends firolly[?] your best made all the diff but it does & I am looking forward to returning by now & Jack only been here 6 weeks. I do hope that your wife will have no more sickness for a long long while & that the baby also does well Keep a Cheerful heart my lad for I know that you have had a hard time of it I am yours always

FP Gothard[?]

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Original Scans