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down here & as soon as you let me know love I'll engage a room & enquire what train you can come by that I can meet you, I think myself if you could get here about next Saturday afternoon anytime after 1pm I could meet you & look after you.
Now maybe dear you might think it better to wait till I come up & see you, but darling I don't know when that will be & if you sent a telegram I'd only get a 3 day pass which would be hardly worth while coming home for & at the end of next monthly I can get a 6 day pass free transportation. Also dearest I cannot apply for a sleeping out pass until you are her. Oh! my darling I must have you nearer me so do come down sweetheart just think how lovely it will be, we can have Saturday afternoon's & Sundays together & every night after 4 pm, we can go out together & go down to Folkstone by the seashore. I have wished a thousand times that I could have had you here before but I didn't know that I could get a pass, but now I know I can, so do think it over sweetheart & decide to come.

Well loved one I have not much more to say tonight, Just give my little darling babe a big hug & a thousand kisses from her dear DaDaDa & accept, my own sweet one my devoted love & kisses which I will give you ten times over soon. Also give my love to Mother & Dad, & Maggie & Sonny well heaps of love.

I am ever
Your own darling hubby
From DaDaDa to my little darling & my own sweetheart.