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My Own Darling Wifey

Just a wee line my pet one to tell you that my turn has come & darling I must face it like a man.

Now darling don't go worrying about me, I'll look after myself love for your sake. I am among the last of the 168th to go. They all have to take their turn, even those fellows that have taken courses here, there are two with us who took that bombing course & they have to go, another week & they'll all be gone. Freddy went to Browborough[?] with that Tunnelling party & I understand his is in a dangerous job.

Oh! darling it is hard we know but we must trust in God for my safe return We are going to the Base in France & maybe there for a month or two, & if we're not fit we'll never see the trenches. We'll get on some fatigue work or other, so don't worry love we get a medical board there even if we don't here. & remember darling that you have a hubby who loves you & his babe better than anything else in this world & that with the care of Providence will bring me safely back.

We are going to the Second Battalion "Somewhere in France" & just as soon as I arrive Ill write you my pet.

Dont worry my pet Ill find a way out. I'll be able to say I took my turn like a man & I'll come back my darling, We all have to go. They are rounding up every man that is fit. I'll look after myself & will pray that I may be spared to return to my loved ones, I will think of you my love night & day & will do all in my power to keep out of danger.

There are 30 of us going we don't know exactly when but we are all in readyness to leave at a moments notice.

Oh! sweetheart it is hard for us both as I have been so looking forward to an early meeting & have been hoping against hope that I'd get it, but never mind dearest maybe the war will be over & we'll be back again in a little while. Just trust in the Lord & He will provide my pet.

Well darling I'll close now Give my bestest love to Mother, Dad, Maggie & little Sonny, & accept my best devoted love to your dear self & kiss & hug my little babe for her soldier DaDa. Goodbye love.

I am ever
Your own loving hubby

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