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675928 G. Co.
39th Batt. 3rd Brigade
West Sandling.
My Own Darling Wifey,

Just a wee line to let you know I am well darling & am wondering how my darlings are getting along. Did you manage all right & was baby all right? Did Harold help you as far as London? My word sweetheart I wish I had put in for a New Year's pass instead of Christmas as they all got six days & that would have given me time to take you home & seen my new mother dear. How I am longing to see her & my new daddy I just wish I could drop in on you dearest tommorrow night & stay for good. I just get so fed up with this game. We have been wallowing around in mud, since I came back, clean up to our knee's every day & yesterday it rained all day & we had a ten mile route march & when I came in last night I declared I'd dessert, I was so wet, tired & muddy, & then they expect us to keep everything spotlessly clean.

How I wish we were back in our own little home again loved one, what happy day's were they, but then I mustnt grumble as I am to blame, & who knows it might be not very long before we are back again, I was talking to a soldier yesterday over from the trenches & he says they are overun with men there & that there is practically nothing doing. As they are all waiting to hear the outcome of this peace talk.

Well darling I am on hut orderly again today as our regular wanted to go to Folkstone this afternoon so I took his job, there are only 10 of us at home this afternoon out of 30, all the rest are gone to town so we'll get lots to eat for supper & we get cake tonight so I hope they don't come back till night.

Freddy got another big parcel yesterday & it had been on the road so long that half the stuff was spoiled, gee! but there was enough left for a feed of apples, Xmas cake, orange nuts, candies, cookies & dates, & some grapes & nuts were spoiled. Most all of the boys have had parcels come, some from Canada & some from England & Scotland, one fellow had a bunch of scotch dainties come the other day & I had a sample & they were great, there was shortbread, currant bun, oatmeal cakes & scones, it just made me right homesick as I knew that's just what I'd get if I'd been with my darlings. Oh! Kitty dear send me something good to eat will you I get so tired of this dope we get every day & all the boys get boxes but me.

Well darling I'll say goodbye now as I must write to Victor & Mother this afternoon, Give Mother & Father & Maggie my best wishes for a prosperous New Year & heaps of love to them & accept some to your dear self & my darling babe & I hope I'll see you soon, heaps & kisses

I am ever
Your devoted hubby

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