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No. 675928
C. Co. 168th Batt.
3rd Brigade.
West Sandling
My Own Darling Wifey,

I thought I would sit down & answer your very welcome letter which I received yesterday, I have been anxiously waiting to hear how you found my mother's dearest. What a big surprise it must have been, I can just picture her surprise & the great welcome she'd give you, Kitty my love how great it is to have good parents Isnt it? I have read your letter over & over again & then sat down & pictured it all & then I picture myself arriving in Reading & wonder how soon it will be.

I have been "mass orderly" today & that is the reason I am answering your letter now, as I do not go out on parade, all I do is keep the hut clean, tend the fire, scrub the tables & seats & bring the boys meals over from the cookhouse. We each have a day at this & its a whole lot easier than going out to drill Although today the boys have done very little on account of the mud and rain. They had a lecture this afternoon by a doctor, how to conduct themselves during their leave, & to keep clear of bad women in case of disease & from the way the boys are talking he did not spare them any (they have just come in while I'm writing) & he pointed out that they had lost 500 men in the Canadian Force, through not heeding him.

Now my darling this must surely mean we'll get our pass soon, & our quarentine is up tommorrow, so I'm sure I'll be home either Saturday or the beginning of next week. So dont be surprised to get a telegram anytime now, Ill come S.E. & C.Ry. for sure. Well sweetheart I think Ill say goodbye for now, Give Mother, Daddy & all the children heaps of love & accept a special heap for my little babe & your own dear self. Hoping to see you soon, I am ever

Your own devoted hubby
Ill give you these twice a day soon ha! ha!

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