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675928 G Co. 39th
3rd Brigade
(Wednesday) West Sandling,
My Own Darling Wifey,

I was so very pleased to receive your letter tonight & as I have not written you before since Sunday I am sitting down to answer you right away. Well sweetheart I don't know whether I can get home for Christmas or not, I have been up to the Captain but he would not grant me a pass, as there are others who have been here for 3 months without leave & you see they'd have to give me a six day pass starting on the 21st in order to get a train as they won't carry us after that date this side of Christmas, but I am going to go up before the Major tommorrow & see if he won't grant me from Saturday morning till Monday night & I'll hire a bycycle & come home. Tell Daddy his letter was just dandy, but it wouldn't do the trick although I'm going to try it again tommorrow.

Now dearest love I really don't know what to do about that transfer, I walked over to the R.C.H.A. last night to have a look round & I certainly liked the look of it, but darling one I'm going to stick right in & see what I can get here on a permanent job, no matter what it is as long as it's in England, I am not a coward but Oh! darling its you & my babe I think of all the time & what would be come of you if anything happened to me. Now about your pay dearest I'll go up to the pay office & see what's wrong tommorrow we were paid today so surely your's must be on the way. I got £1 - 16- 0 & you sweetheart should have $60 coming to you, $40 assigned pay, & $20 seperation allowance. I am so sorry to know dear Daddy is so sick & I do hope he will soon be better, & I know how anxious Mother must be, as it so easily developed to something worse, I have been to the doctor twice this week my throat has been so sore I could hardly whisper & I have a rotten cough & all the boys are the same, you should hear them now as I write croaking around here I have been down to the ranges every day this week, by the seashore about 5 miles from here, we get up at 5am & leave at 6am , & dont get back till after dinner & its makes me feel so tired, I have to go all this week. I have been shortly very poor as my eyes bother me & I dont make any bones to tell them either. Well sweetheart I will closenow as I want to post this tonight & don't you worry I'll see you soon loved one, & Ill try hare to get home at Xmas, I'll write & let you know for sure tommorrow, Give my love to all, Mother, Daddy & the children & accept heaps & heaps of love & kisses to baby dear & yourself!

I am ever
Your own darling devoted hubby

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