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Date: December 11th 1916

Mr A.E. White Dec 11th
Box 257
Post Office
P.S. talk about empty house here it his a sight everybody his going away F. Kicksee has been up so I told him what you said

Dear Jack

Just a few lines to you in answer to your letter and I have only just had the chance to answer your letter well Jack you said in your letter you had enclosed the key of your desk but it was not in the envelope so I had a key made to fit it and then when I got to the bank I had to get a 2 cent stamp and put on the check you sent and you made a mistake in the money it was 10 dollars 24 cents and I had a bit of a dispute over the paying of 5 per cents because it was not paid on the date so I made old betts wait a little longer so I had to pay 10/25 has I could not get out of paying the 5 per cent well never mind I have also had will drake after me his regards the house now he wants to see what you will take for it now Jack if I was you I would not sell has he would not by before and I suppose he his afraid he his not going to get his money and I have some good news for you I advertised the house to rent and I have got Mrs Layman to take it but Jack you wont be mad at me when I tell you that I had to let it go for 6 dollors you will understand when I tell you there his 3 of Selsdown[?] houses empty there his one of Lindens and two other and they have all lowered the rents so I thought it was better to take the 6 and make sure of it well now Jack you must tell me if I have done wrong but you trust me and I will do my best for you now Jack has regards the house I thought they have trusted to burn wood or coal we have just had a fire in the burg poor Mr Brown the lawyer has had his house burnt out well Jack I think this his all I can say now so must close with our best respects to you and Mrs Ellis and also to Maggie leaving us to remain your Friends Mr and Mrs A.E. White

Good luck to you
till next letter

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Original Scans