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Date: August 20th 1917
Fred E. Allen

France Aug 20/17
Dear Friend,

I received your welcome letter some time ago and was very glad to hear from you.

We have moved since I was over to Jack's grave. So I am some distance from there now I am fine and dandy at present and we are having nice weather just now that seems about all a fellow can write about here For if we put in much more the censor sends them back.

I was pleased to get those few lines in your last letter from Jack's mother And you may tell her for me if I ever get through this war I will be glad to come to Reading to see her Jack wanted me to come with him last Xmas But I could not get a good enough excuse.

I hope you are all well. I know you must miss Jack

I hope this war soon ends for it is costing an awful lot of our best men their lives But I do not look for an early closing of it For old Fritz sure has some kick left yet.

I met Walter Howell Sat night you may have heard Jack speak of him For I think they were pretty good Friends at Ostranders corner.

I am on Gas picquit to-night so will have to close for this time. Remember me to Mrs. Ellis.

Yours Sincerely
Fred E. Allen

P.S. Same address as before.

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