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Date: August 10th 1917

193 Oxford Rd
My dear Kathy

So glad to get your letter & also the enclosures from Mr Sinclair as I was getting a serious to hear how things were going on out there.

Well dear I have been thinking it over and I would not go back until the spring if I were you & then you will have the good weather in front of you.

Like you I hate to be done & I am sure that old Methodist Wesley Allin is getting the best of you but just let them have this turn for a time. I you went back next April or May you would have time to look round & get straight before you took the business over again. It seems quite absurd to let him have it for 10Dols but what can you do? He has it in his hands now & a few more months can't make much difference to you. We don't like the idea of you & Dear little Bunty travelling at this time of the year what with iceburg submarines & bad weather it is too awful. And then you would arrive right in mid-winter. As this Stewart is trying to do you perhaps you can get level with him. So write to Mr Sinclair & say you are writing to let him have the business for 10 Dollars a month but don't say for any specified time. You might tell Sinclair you are coming out next year & if you don't let them know when you are coming & stress is only a monthly agreement when you arrive you can give Stewart a months notice that you are taking the business over again. Don't mention a years tenancy to Mr Sinclair simply tell him how disappointed you feel & say that you will take 10 Dols if he really can't get any more from Stewart. I suppose he had paid up allright, if so he will have paid off a good bit of your loan & by the time you go out it should be cleared off. So although it seems very little it will prove a help in the end as you will have no debts to go back too.

Now dear about the house I am not at all clear what Mr Sinclair means about the agreement being taken out at the time. Does he mean that Jack had them or Drake?

However your position seems clear as Drake has made a statement to Mr Sinclair which he can substantiate & he has evidently shown him the a/c as it stands. Now I think if I were you dear I would go on with the payments but send the money to Mr Sinclair & get him to act for you. If he makes a senate[?] charge you can pay him when you go out but it will be better in dealing with a man like Drake to have a Solicitor acting for you.

I should also ask him to take the rent for the house and take all the trouble off your hands, also for the business as well as you don't really know if Stewart is paying up to the other man. You had better tell Mr Sinclair the whole business so that he can know how it all stands. Ask Mr White to pay the taxes & hand over the balance in hand to Sinclair. I have been through the house a/c I find it will take you about 8 years to pay it off capital & interest at 8 Dols a month. Whilst you have it let they are helping to pay it off & the same with the business. When you go back dear you will want the house as you must have somewhere to keep you horses and the van milk etc.

You will also have to furnish again so you will want some ready cash when you get out. If you are going to get busy this winter as you said you thought of doing you can be putting a few dollars bye for you will want them when you get out eh dear. (That a bit of pa's scotch advice as Ever would say but I can't get her to take it.)

Now dear I hope you will able to follow this long epiratte[?] as I wanted to make myself clear & I have also thought that even if you apply for a passage it may be months before you could get out. All things therefore considered it will be best I think to let Stewart have the business at his price. Now my dear wee daughter (for you are not really very big are you) I must bring this to a close. Ma is going to write to you shortly. We were all so delighted to hear of our wee Margaret talking & singing & calling for Dad. The darling, how we should love to see her, the kiddies were just crazy when they heard she could talk & all wanted her here. Everyone of them sends their love to you both, how we wish you were nearer to us. Lots of love dear from Ma Evie Army[?] & your Daddy

That is a good photo of Evie & dear little Bronty kin[?] her for us all

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