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Date: June 27th 1917
Mrs Ellis
Stuart Robertson

Dear Mrs Ellis,

I am [?] at [?] having left it as May 22nd Your letter has followed me to this G.B. Water which I am now for from [?] It is difficult to recall cares [?] with [?] afterwards - only a few persist in ones memory out of this many , but I do remember your husband. His was a hut care & there are always s uncertain. He did well & second getting on nicely & his letters was first as he himself was on the Saturday night[?] & cheerful Hes awaiting operation had[?] Which reveald him [?] & he [?] point I had [?] to offer him Communion on this Sunday [?] Sunday morning he was asleep when I looked in about 9:30 I was away [?] doing service In this afternoon when I got back hew was unconscious & [?] remain any message.

I remember him well he was a favourite with Mrs [?] & with myself & [?] for him as a friend.

If [?] than moment of you [?] new address, but if you will send it I shall make apoint of coming to see you when I get home.

Again I express my deep sympathy with you to you loss of you husband. He was a fine character & will [?] his God.

Yours sincerely
Stuart Robertson

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