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Date: May 12th 1917

Saturday 12/5/17
My Own Darling Kitty

I felt I must write you a wee line today as I know sweet one how you will worry all the time. Well my own pet I am getting along fine & am still at the Clearing Station.

I had an operation the other day & they took a piece of shrapnel out of my chest I can breath much easier now. That is why they have been keeping me here & now as soon as I get strong enough I'll be sent to the Base & then if the doctor at the Base decides to send me to England I'll soon be home to see you my darling & also my little babe. One doctor told me yesterday I was good for 6 months in England so I hope he is right. Oh sweet heart I'll come home I must I long for my darlings to take them in my arms again I lay here on my bed & think of nothing else surely Kitty sweetheart God will be kind & let us come together soon.

Oh how I do pray for that time but then love it will soon be here now. I have often wondered whether many more 168th boys got hit or killed when I did, you see we made an advance this morning & we took this village which we did quite easily but that day Fritz shelled us heavy & killed a large number of & I was lucky to get off as easy as I did My chum got hit in the chest and I crawled off to get help for him & it was then that I got hit, but I'll be seeing you soon sweetheart & telling you all about it.

Well Kitty my love I think this is all this time I do hope the next letter I write will be from somewhere in England Oh don't bother about those stamps dearest as I can't give you an address to send to at present

Well sweetheart give mother Dad Maggie dear my best love & accept all my love & kisses to my little darling & your own dear sweet self

Ever yours
& yours alone

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