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Date: April 29th 1917

271 Coburg Place
(Sunday) 29/4/17
My Own Dearest Hubby,

I was so glad to get your letter last Monday morning to say you were in rest camp bet my dearest I have had no news since then, I am sure you have been in the trenches dear again. I do hope I shall have news in the morning it is so worrying love. Now dear Jack I sent off a box to you last Wednesday. I had quite a time over it as you are not allowed to send over 7lbs in weight to France. You see dear I got your odds and ends you asked for in town but failed to get a British battery no.1678 as you asked. I sent what was suppose to be even better and the same size Jack so I do hope it will be all right. Then for the lice-killer I would have to visit the herbulist for those Sabadilla Seeds so I sent a subsitute meantime. I had purchased quite a few things for you (eats dear) but could not send them the box was too heavy. I bought a tin box and after having it all sealed it was over-the-weight and they would not accept it. So I had to get a pasteboard box dearest that you might get a little of something to eat. Mother made the dumpling. It is lovely hot If you could fry it in a little fat you would enjoy it sweetheart. I am going to send you a box of eats this week seeing I had so little in your last box in that time. I was at Church today my love and oh! how my thoughts were full of you. Our minister preaches a lovely sermon it would do you good to hear him he is so sincere Jack I had my new hat and new shoes on dear, I felt dressed you know. Is it cold dear Jack where you are? The weather is mild here but cool yet. Mother & I were out to tea on Friday afternoon and on our way home we met a poor wounded English soldier who has been in hospital 8 months past and no sign of getting better. His leg is broken above the knee. Margaret's little feet touched his & I apologised and so that was how we spoke. He is in the hospital 3 minutes walks from our house so we promised to visit him Tuesday. Oh! if I could fly to you my love and share all the danger with you how happy I would be. I often wonder when I lie in bed what dangers surround you and here am I snugly in bed. I would give anything some nights to be with you and help you my dear one. It is not to be and I can only pray that God will shield you and give you strength to come through each battle and hasten the day when peace shall reign once more. Everybody is in bed dearest so I must hurry and get too, It is 11 pm. Our little darling is fast asleep oh! so tired Daddy. She has grown so big everybody thinks she is much older that she is. You should hear her scold Sonny and box him too. We have great fun watching them. She steals his toys and smacks him then kisses him then scolds him, calls him a bad boy. She is ever so wild dearest Her teeth are coming in shaped like Mabel's Jack. The look cute. Yesterday (Sat 28th) was Canada's Flag Day in Glasgow. Since this great victory at Vimy Ridge Jack dear everybody is talking about the Canucks you know. They had to have a Flag Day to get comforts for the boys in France so I am enclosing a Flag for you dear. They realized over L1600 I think I will close here sweetheart till next mail I do hope I shall have a letter tomorrow. I am so anxious dear how can I help myself being so. This is such a horrible war. I have been reading several little articles lately of the German treachery. How they left helmets lying with bombs under them so when the British boys thought they had captured a souvenir they were blown to atoms when they touched them. Then they left poisoned chocolates and different things behind in the trenches. Oh! it is altogether dreadful dearest to think about it. I hope W. Berry and F. Darrow are still well. Do write me love just as often as you can even a post card. I know you will my dear hubby. Wishing you good-night dear and a refreshing sleep. Hurry home to your wee darling & your lonely wifey. With heaps of love and kisses and a great big hug from
Your ever loving wifey
Always yours
Goodnight God-Bless-You and Keep you safe. XX

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