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Date: April 6th 1917

(Friday) 6/4/17
My Own Darling Kitty,

Here I am in receipt of two welcome letters & a dandy parcel & I am writing to you for all of them at once this being the first chance I've had since my last letter. Now love first of all many, many thanks for the lovely parcel I had left the trenches & walked about 8 miles arriving in rest camp about 4 am & nearly famished so that my chum & I between us devoured nearly all of it at once. Gee it certainly was great I couldn't have enjoyed it more than I did but you must have forgotten the cigarettes love didnt you? We can't get good ones here & I do so appreciate them, but then my love I shouldnt be saying this as though you didn't enclose enough goodies. Oh those chocolates certainly hit the spot too, It is so long since I had some real good chocolate & the dates reminded me of those sweet old times darling that I pray will soon return.

Now Kitty love I advise you to do what the doctor says at once about your back as it might be more serious than you expect. Yes! I often picture my little darling & picture her pretty ways & wonder how long it will be before I'll see her again & also her dear, dear mother. I live only in those hope & daily pray a safe return.

Oh! I don't think there so much danger of Fritz surrounding us. I think the reason he retreated was to get out of range of our artillery which would have wiped him right out. I see Americas pretty near war now. I'm afraid if they don't hurry they'll be left in the lurch & it will be all over.

I'm glad you enjoyed the GazzleDazzle I though it was good especially the Scotch & Indian castes, but as regards being angry with you for going don't be silly love I am delighted you went & I would have given worlds to hear your dear voice by my side when I was there. Gee! My little darling certainly is lucky in getting so many nice presents & I hope that her Daddy will soon be home to buy her a nice present.

Yes! Kitty dear you must go down to Reading & see mother as I know how she longs for you & every letter she writes me theres always something about wishing you'd hurry & come down again & even when Daddy wrote he said the same thing.

Yes! my darling I will come & see you when you go to Reading & go back to Scotland too. I feel sure it won't be long before I'll be home now & although we might have some hard fighting this spring we will certainly win & I trust with the help of Providence to return safely to my loved ones again.

Now sweetheart I think Ill close now as I haven't much more to say Again thanking you so much for the welcome parcel & giving my best love to Mother, Dad, Sonny & Meg, Give my little darling a big hug from her DaDa & accept tons of love & kisses to your dearself. Goodbye

Everyours & yours always

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