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Date: March 23rd 1917

Friday 23/3/17
My Own Darling Kitty,

I was so pleased to receive your welcome letter dated the 15th & am laying here on my bed tonight answering it. Well sweetheart I am glad to tell you I received your very welcome parcel quite safely I have written & thanked you in my last letter, but many thanks again my love I sure do enjoy a little taste of wifeys goodies. Yes! love my little darling must be growing & often I lay in bed picturing you both & wishing I could drop in on you some time just like I used to but then I don't think I'll have long to wait now. Gee! don't the papers look great lately? There's a rumour around tonight that Turkey has thrown up the sponge. I only hope its true. I also hear Bottomly editor of John Ball is doing some tall betting for an early termination.

Oh! sweetheart it cannot end too soon for me so that I may return to my loved ones again.

Now love about that Insurance I think I'll write Weeks & see what can be done, I understood him that the company now had made conditions for soldiers & on payment of a little more the policy retains its full value. Even now as it stands if anything happens you can get 50 per cent which is $500. Its a 20 year endowment policy, that is to say, that if I keep up the payments for 20 yrs I get the $1000 back or a free policy for the rest of my life. Its a very good investment anyway & I will tell you more fully when I hear from Weeks.

Now sweetheart don't worry about the business I think I'll wait a while & see how things come along, maybee I'll be able to think out the best theory to do by then. I don't think Stewart would buy, but don't worry love we'll manage somehow.

Yes! dear I just the Canadian mail is very irregular now lots of the poor fellows here have not heard from their wifes for weeks.

Gee! fancy Mary Park going to all that bother I guess she adds things on herself, I wouldn't mind betting V.A. never had anything to do about it & that Mrs Sinclair just said that to humour her. I had quite a nice little letter from V.A. the other day & he enquired after you & the babe quite nicely & wished me the best of luck. I answered it & also told him what I thought of Tillsonburg Council.

Have you ever had any word from Dr. Reid? I am going to write home & Mrs Tillson & Weeks this week.

Well darling I am going to say Goodbye now as I have not much more to tell you. I am still in rest camp & drilling every day. Give Mother Dad & Maggie & Sonny my best love & accept my bestest love & tons of kisses to your dear self & my little darling form DaDa
ever your devoted hubby

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