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Date: March 19th 1917

Monday (19/3/17)
My Own Darling Kitty,

Just a line to let you know I received your welcome parcel all right & many many thanks sweetheart, it sure hut the spot. There was about a dozen of us enjoyed a feed last night, Wilfred & Pat were among them, also two Scotch back in our Company from Glasgow, the latter giving special praise to the shortbread & I thought it just fine too, The cigarettes too were welcome as I was right out & also of the price, but we get paid soon. The sweets too sure hit the spot, but don't bother with any more Oxo cubes dearest as its hard to get hot water at anytime.

Well love I do hope by the time you get this my little darling will be quite well again Gee! I can't help but look at those photos. I take them out a dozen times a day, they sure are fine & its so nice to have them I feel so much nearer you sweetheart. Both Wilfred & Frank Darrow thought they were fine & Frank says "Gee! Kate always was a find looking girl." I shouldnt be telling you this dear but then I feel so proud when I hear my own thoughts from others.

Wilfred, Frank & Brathwarte[?] along with the other N.C.O's who came with them were all reduced to privates last week. I understand very few ever hold their stripes that come over from England with them. They have to go up the line & earn them here.

I met an old friend of mine a Lee Stratton from Straffordville He was a sergent in the Grey's Horse when I was in it & the last time I saw him was down in Goderich Camp five years ago. He's a corporal in the Artillery been out here over two years & never had a scratch. I would never have known him but he recognized me, he used to chum with Baldy Jackson. I also met Clifford Rogers from Tilkonburg he says he'd met you in the Liberal office Ive herd of him but can't say I ever met him before, although I know his brother Frank well.

We are still in rest camp & expect to be for a while I'm going to take a course in first aid work now & may be put in the stretcher bearers.

How is your back now dearest, I do hope its quite well again, & be sure & take the medicine or whatever the doctor prescribes.

In my letter to Mother last night I told her to get you down with her for a little change & to give you a good talking to about trying to get a job.

Well Kitty darling I think this is all for now. Give my best love to all & accept tons of love & kisses to your dear self & my little darling.

ever your devoted hubby

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