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Date: March 16th 1917

Friday 16/3/17
My Own Darling Wifey,

I have been anxiously looking for a letter from you dearest for a long while now, but still none comes, the last I got you wrote on the 25th Feb. over two weeks ago. This will make four I've written you since then & from what Mother says in her letter today you've had no word from me since I sent that P.C. & she has'nt either & I write you one day & Mother the next. I got two letters from mother & one from Evie this week.

Do write me sweetheart I am so anxious to know how my wee Margeret is getting along, Is she better now love? I was looking through a magazine last night & I came across a drawing which I copied & am enclosing for my little darling. I am quite well my dear & am still in rest camp. We drill around just like we used to in England they don't work us very hard.

I see the British have been doing great work in Turkey we sure have things coming our way now. I hope & pray they'll continue & end this cruel struggle. I told Mother I'd be home in time to see the roses Daddy planted in bloom

I saw young Fred Fairs from Tillsonbury today, Mother tells me Harold was home for 6 days gee! he's lucky I wish I could just drop in for a day or two. Evie gave me an invitation to their annual picnic at Easter the one we used to hold as kids but I asked her to postpone it a while then I'd bring you & my little one.

We've had lots of rain here lately & also mud, but its been a great day today & dried off quite a bit, Gee! it certainly is fine to have a good rest from the trenches, but now I hope & pray I'll soon get a long rest back home with my loved ones. Thats the only thing I think of.

Well sweetheart I think I'll close now. Don't go worrying as I'm quite well & am taking good care of myself. Give Mother, Dad, Maggie & little Sonny my bestest love & accept tons of love & kisses to my little darling & your sweet self. & write lonely hubby soon.

Every your own devoted

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