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Date: March 8th 1917


My Own Darling Wifey,

Hear I am laying in an old barn on some straw trying to answer your welcome letter which I received just before leave the trenches. It is quite cold tonight & the wind is blowing the candle all over so you'll have to exuse the scribble. I am out on a rest period again for a while. I had quite a good time in the trenches this last trip & was on working party most of the time, I only have one night of sentry to do. Now dearest the last letter I wrote I gave you my address as 15 Platoon 4 Coy. Well I'm moved into 16 Platoon 4 Coy, now, & we have some good N.Co & men in it. I like them fine. We had a big march yesterday & expect to move from here again soon. There were very few wounded the last time in & only one killed in the whole battalion.

Now darling you must not worry about me I feel certain with the help of Providence I'll come out safe and sound. He spared you to me my love a year ago & you were nearer death than I am now so surely if we put our trust in Him He will be with us now. Now darling I do hope & pray that by the time you receive this letter my little darling is quite well again. It will be not so hard on her to have measles now as when she gets older although I wish she could avoid them altogether. Yes my love nothing I can think of would give me more pleasure than to join your tea party & I feel that it won't be long in the future before I will. Yes dearest go to the Whist Drive by all means & make yourself as happy as you can while I'm away & I'll make up for it all when I come home. I know how you miss me but then I miss you just as much & you are always in my thoughts. No, I have not seen Harry or Fred since I left England That sure was some concert at Sandling, I had just been reading about it in the Liberal (one Wilfred Berry had) before receiving you letter, I also saw where that fellow wanted to put in a dairy & Tillsonburg & get the monopoly of the town & was glad to see Wesley Allen opposed it & that Dr. McGilvery was the only me in favor of it.

Now darling when you get Drakes PO next time insist on them giving you a order for Canadian many & you'll be all right they have to do it, the reason he did not get his 24 Dollars is because English money had gone down in value. Now dearest I sometimes think it would be just as well to put the route & house in Sinclairs hands & let him sell the whole thing for us if he can find a good buyer things are looking up in the Burg & the real estate market will be better so just let me know what you think next time you write. By the end of this month Laurie will have got $120 back, which means that much more for us. We ought to get $1500 for the two

Yes! love send me all you like to eat & a pair of sox once in a while as we get lots of changes of clothes & etc. but a box of goodies is the best to send & I'll enjoy them, don't send money as I have no place to spend it. I was wrong about your letters & I get them just as you posted them they never censor incoming mail.

Well sweetheart I guess Ill close as my arm aches holding this paper & my fingers are cold, Give Mother, Dad, Maggie & little Sonny my best love & I hope he's better now & accept my fondest love to wee darling Margaret & your sweet self Goodnight & May God Bless you,

ever your own devoted

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