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Date: January 30th 1917

675928 G. Co
6th Batt. 1st Brigade
East Sandling Camp.
Jan 30th 1917
My Own Darling Wifey,

Have you forgotten your poor lonely hubby altogether or has my letters gone astray dearest? Here it is Tuesday night & I have had no word from you dearest since a week ago yesterday & it seems like a month. I keep watching & waiting & still no letter & the mail man comes in every evening & I hang around him eagerly waiting to hear my name, but each time I'm disappointed. Oh! Kitty my loved one do write me or I'll go crazy Are you well dearest? or is my little one sick? if anything's wrong send a wire & I'll come home if I have to skip. I can neither eat or sleep wondering what's wrong & tonight I was so sure I'd get a letter & when I didn't I could have cried. I feel absolutely miserable & don't care to talk to anyone So do please lovey write me soon, If you only knew how much I think of you dear, every hour of the day. I'll be working away & I'll stop & wonder whats wrong & if anything happened to you I'd go right to France & get killed for without you love life for me would be a blank.

There was an order came in for a draft of 40 men on Monday & lucky they did not pick me. The Corporal in charge of our hut put me on "hut orderly" this week & that saved me, he did it on purpose, Freddy also went sick that morning with bad teeth so he also missed it Jimmy, Grit, George Fairs & a lot more are going, they expect to go anytime, they have to be in readiness to be called at any moment & cannot leave camp. I don't think theres much fear of me going as they have a very strict exam. one fellow got turned down for having a few pimples on his body, do don't worry about me love, I'm trying to get some job around here & I'm going to succeed & them I'll get you down here & I'll know how you are.

Well love I will close now as I am too miserable to write much. Oh! my darling do write poor lonely hubby. Give my bestest love to all. & accept my devoted love to your dear sweet self & kiss & love my little darling for her Daddy. Goodnight & God Bless You.

Your ever loving & devoted hubby

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