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Date: January 18th 1917

675928 G. Co.
6th Reserve Batt.
1st Brigade. C.E.F.
East Sandling Camp.
(Thursday) 18/1/17
My Own Darling Wifey,

I was so delighted to get your welcome letters, one last night & another tonight & also your welcome parcel.

Kitty my darling you are too good to me, I feel I don't deserve it all. I tried one of the scones for supper & gave Freddy & one or two of the other boys that sleep next to me one each & they all said they were delicious. You see I know how to fix them, we just wetted them on both sides & then toasted them by the fire & they were just delicious it made them soft & fresh. The rest of the goodies we'll eat before going to bed tonight & thank you so much for the stamps, which will be very useful as there are several post boxes around here but no place to buy stamps. Tell Maggie I'll surely give Jimmy one of the scones & also tell him how to fix it. Thank you very much darling for the underwear darling as it sure will come in fine these cold wet days. We were paid yesterday & I got 17/6, they kept out 3/6 a month for laundry & hut damages. Poor Jimmy & Grit & Jack Darrow & about � doz more are on C.B. for coming home drunk last night & staying out late. Gee! they do hand it out here love. I have managed to dodge it so far.

Last night Norman Forman & I went down to Hythe & had a decent supper & it cost us 3/5 each, but it sure was a treat, really love the food we get here sometimes, our poor old Tweed wouldnt look at it. Poor Percy must have had an awful time, did he tell you it was his neck that was broken? I am glad that you got your money all right & am also glad that you sent that off to Drake.

Oh my darling heart how often I lay in bed & think of those happy days we used to spend together, Kitty my love we realise the fullness of our love now don't we darling? How I love to read of your love for me, you say it so sweet to have someone thinking of you always, Kitty my love if I could only tell you the full extent of my love, you ask me not to forget you love. Kitty darling its for you I live, my heart beats for you. Oh! sweetheart you needed be afraid I'd scold you as I'd be so busy taking you in my arms I'd think of nothing else.

Now sweetheart I'm very anxiously waiting an answer from my last letter to see what I am to do & to know if you will come down. If you decide love don't come this Saturday as I won't have time to find out a boarding place on such short notice & I won't be able to get a sleeping out pass till the 1st Feb. but sweetheart do decide to come? You'll be able to get along quite cheaply here & just think of all the happy times we'd have together, & besides I am longing to take my little darling in my arms & see her pretty ways. I think I'll be able to manage to get that job all right as It is up to myself to do my best & you may depend on me, but really dearest my own oppinion is that very few of our boys will ever see France. Now today our Commanding Officer called all the Company Officers together & told them to find out the names of all the men who have wife's in this country & tell them (just out of kindness,) that he would advise them to send them back to Canada as soon as possible for their own sakes as he has received word that the war is about to wind up & as soon as peace is declared the goverment will claim all boats going over & no civillians male or female will be allowed to travel for 12 months, after peace is declared he further said he did'nt mean to intrude but he was just giving us a kindly tip. He says we'll all be back in Canada in July.

Now darling don't let this worry you as I'll talk more fully on this when I see you love, I only hope what he says is true as regards peace, but not the second part.

Now sweetheart I must say goodbye for now, I am anxiously waiting for your letter & everytime the mail comes in I'm right on the job & I just love to hear him call my name. Give my love to Mother & Dad & Maggie & little Sonny, & Kiss & hug my little pet for her DaDa, & sweetheart accept my bestest love & affections& thousands of Kisses I am ever
Your own devoted hubby
P.S. Yes! darling I'll get you a brooch as you wish XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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