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Date: January 17th 1917
Jack (John)
Mrs and Mr A.E. White

Mr A.E.White Jan 17/1917
Box 257
Dear Jack

Just a few lines to you in answer to your letter which I received quite safe I was pleased to know you was satisfied at what I was doing I can tell you Jack I will do my best for you I have not sold the Organ yet or the refrigerator or ice cream maker or that green carpet but I expect we will have to wait till spring now Jack I am keeping all receipts of what I have spent and I will make a list after a while and let you have it well Jack the rent his due to day so I will bank that for you well Jack I am pleased you have sent to Will drake has he has been down to me and he was going to collect the rent if he had not heard from you and he wanted me to ask you what you was going to do has regards the payments of the house has he said he could not wait much longer so I am glad you have sent to him that will fool him I expect he thought he had got a nice snap but he has got a kind of fooled well Jack I am glad to know Mrs Ellis and baby are allright and also glad to know you are coming back some time well Jack I don't know if we will have gas another year but it his getting played out all down town they have been nearly frozen out and there his a lot of people was never going to fetch her away has it was I had to bring two bales hay and then I got on the phone to Arthur Reeves and then he came and fetched it and now Jack I have sold one or two things I have still got the Organ Refrigerator one rug some sealers and Ice cream maker and several other odds and ends and now Jack I must tell you I sold one of the rugs but I could not get more than 8/Dollars for it so I thought it was best to let it go at that rather than have it laying by it was the best one and when we come to beat it there was some stains on it so I hope you wont be mad has I had to do something to get hay for the horse and I have had to get some glass for that window on the porch you made and also I have had to get some different burners for the gas in the sitting room has they could not see to read and I tried all I could to alter them but no good so I thought it was best to get two more burners I expect to thing I have been rather extravagant but I thought I had better do that and keep them so they are satisfied now and now Jack you will see Will drakes Idea of buying the house he knowns it his let and if it had stood empty he would not have wanted it so you will draw your first rent in January I have bought a book of receipts so I will give Mrs Layman one and Jack you want me to bank this rent for you dont you and when I write again I will send you the receipts of what I have spent of your money on different things hoping you wont be mad over it has I am doing my best for you hoping you have seen Mrs Ellis and the baby and Maggie you must remember me and the Mrs to your wife and Maggie hoping they are feeling better well Jack you ask me about the Milk business well I think you have struck a nice little fellow to look after it for you the price of milk now his 9 cents so you see it his real here now butter his 50 cents a pound eggs 50 cents a doz so you see it his getting nicer here now everything gone up except wages that his one thing they never raise well never mind we will get over it suppose well now Jack think this his all I can say now so must close with my best respects to you and all from your true Friends Mrs and Mr A.E. White
Good Bye till next

George Dreake and Mr and Mrs Honsberger have moved to Brentford they have rented their house and barn for 7 dollars to Mr Haly so he was lucky

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Original Scans