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Date: September 19th 1916

Camp Borden
19th Sept/16
My Own Darling Kitty,

I thought I would drop you just a wee line before I went to bed as It make me sleep better and I know how you look for hubbys little love consolations, Oh darling how I long for you each hour & how I curse the day I ever left my home for this, My, darling it is impossible to tell you how much I love you how I think of you each hour of the miserable day I put it.

I have been on guard for 24 hours, walking up & down with a rifle on my shoulder for two hours at a stretch then I have 4 hours off then do 2 more on guard again until the 24 hours are up during this time we cannot leave the guard tent, we eat, sleep & live there during this time, & about ever five minute some officer comes along & the guard is turned out to salute him, & altogether I think I got two hours sleep.

I was on from 4 am till 6 am this morning, it was so cold the water in the wash basins froze solid & all day it has been blowing a cold breeze, causing the sand to fly in clouds until I am choked & blinded with it & look just like a niggar

We are still undecided about our future, every hour brings something contradictory to the previous statement

Well my love I will not write any more tonnight as I am dead tired & miserable, Kiss my little darling for me, & drop me a wee note soon please and Oh darling although I am miles away my thoughts are at home with my darling's & my heart aches for you so God Bless you & keep you, Goodnight my own love,

I am ever
Your own devoted hubby

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