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Date: April 9th 1915
Walter Peters
A.E. Peters

Scout Private E. Peters Writes Colbome Friends

The following letter was received by Mr. Walter E. Peters on Wednesday, March 12th (1915)

Dear Brother:
It is about time I sent you a few more lines to let you know I am getting along alright here: Since last writing we have spent four days in the trenches at a different place. Marched back a few miles for four days and are now again at the trenches in the same place as last time. Rifle and big gun and machine gun fire continues just about all the time. I am attached to Batt. Headquarters with four other scouts for the purposes of carrying messages by bicycle when we are in billets. At the trenches we walk of course, as we have a, very short distance to carry messages from the telegraph dug-out in the reserve trenches to the Senior Officers of the Battalion. Shells from our own guns and the enemy's pass over us, and we hear them whistling all day. Rifle bullets sing over us and strike around frequently. My section commander Corp. Newman, was killed in the trenches two days ago, also Deanie Earle of Cobourg shot through the heart. Two others were also killed. When we were here before one or two of my company were killed and some wounded.

Capt. Abell of Cobourg was hit in the foot last night. The church and buildings in this village was knocked to pieces, mostly in upper parts. That is about all I can say at present. The streets in the principal villages are something fierce to get over on a bicycle. Cobble stones and terribly uneven, with spaces between, and are enough to rack anything. Their carts here are built very strong. Prices for everything are about double what they were at Salisbury Plains, and they were much higher there for Canadian soldiers than English civilians.

I hope you, Lena, and mother are well. I have had no word from you for some time, but hardly expected it here.
PTE. A.E. PETERS. - Express.